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Alaskan Cook Books
Alaskan Cook Books
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Three unique cookbooks, each featuring a separate facet of Alaskan cuisine. Each is packed with not only delicious recipes, but also eye catching photos of the prepared meal. Purchase them separately, or as a set.

Alaskan Sourdough Cooking Without access to fresh grains, settlers, miners, and trappers relied on hearty sourdough cultures to keep them strong enough to survive the frontier life. Now their secrets to these simple and delicious recipes are available for the first time to the "outside."

Alaskan Ulu Cookbook This cookbook will give you dozens of boldly flavored recipes that take full advantage of the ulu blade, and even includes a three page technique guide to help get you started.

Alaskan Cooking These recipes draw from the best of native cuisine and traditional favorites of miners and settlers, but don't shy away from rich modern flavors. All 32 pages are packed with mouth-watering dishes featuring the full panoply of Alaska's bounty; from caribou sausage to baked Alaska pie, and everything in between.

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